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The SAPORE DI PASTA company produces gluten-free dietetic pasta.

It proposes two lines of dry pasta, both artisanally produced, bronze drawn and slow dried, avoiding the addition of thickeners which act on the metabolism, increasing the glycaemic load and intensifying the organolectic properties.

Naturally gluten free

Bronze drawn and slow dried

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Suitable for diabetics

What is Inulin?

It is a health-friendly fibre naturally extracted from chicory.

Inulin helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and to control blood sugar. It is really useful for improving the absorption of precious minerals like magnesium and calcium and also for attenuating any food intolerances such as lactose intolerance.

It increases the sense of fullness
It aids digestion

It reduces the absorption of cholesterol
It regulates intestinal flora


Sapore di pasta has all the rheological properties of a traditional pasta (taste, smell, colour and tenacity); features which have made PASTA the main food of the Mediterranean diet, which is difficult to give up.

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Senza Glutine
Perchè mangiare Sapore di Pasta?
high fibre content


The SAPORE DI PASTA company produces gluten-free dietetic pasta
with a high fibre content.

Line with high fibre content with Inulin

The “high fibre-content” line was the result of the need to reduce the glycaemic index because the number of coeliacs who, following a gluten-free diet, are affected by metabolic pathologies such as diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome, is ever increasing. Recent studies have shown the correlation between coeliac disease and diabetes due to the high glycaemic index of gluten-free products.

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gluten-free line

The “Traditional” line is a gluten-free pasta produced with Italian maize and rice flours, with the typical colour and taste of an artisan pasta. Bronze drawing makes the pasta surface porous and rough, perfect for capturing the seasoning and particularly suitable for rich sauces.

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